Oakland SAVES Initiative Invests $5 Million of ARP Funds to Reduce Energy Costs for Income-Qualified and Other Households

Oakland County is collaborating with the country’s first nonprofit green bank, Michigan Saves, to help increase the energy efficiency of income-qualified and other homes. The Oakland SAVES program has two tiers of grants that utilize $5 million of the county’s American Recovery Plan (ARP) funding, and the program goes live on January 1, 2024.

The first tier serves residents who earn too much to qualify for free services from the federal Weatherization Assistance Program and most utility income-qualified programs, but struggle to qualify for traditional financing. $4 million is available to provide grants of up to $5,000 for income-qualified households of at least two people earning a combined $49,000 or less per year.

The second tier utilizes the remaining $1 million to pay up to 20% of a sustainable home improvement for any household, capped at $3,000.

Some of the environmentally sustainable updates eligible for funding through Oakland SAVES include insulation; weatherstripping; and ENERGY STAR HVAC, doors, and windows. More information and the grant application will be available January 1, 2024, at www.MichiganSaves.org, or call 517-484-6474.

Funding will be available through December 31, 2025, or until the funds are exhausted. Read the press release at oakgov.com by CLICKING HERE


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