City of Berkley Employees

Welcome to the City of Berkley employee page where important information regarding health care benefits, including dental and vision, employee savings, and retirement plans, is available for active and retired employees.  This page also provides access to forms and documents related to benefits, training, travel, and other employment-related matters.  Forms and other PDF documents can be downloaded or printed as needed.

Policies for non-union employees are compiled in the document entitled "Merit System of Human Resource Management".  Each Merit System employee should review this document to become familiar with the City of Berkley's guidelines for the city’s workforce. It is not intended to address every aspect of employee and administrative matters.  The rules contained in the document comply with city charter provisions and applicable state and federal laws, that govern employment conditions for all city employees, administrative officers, and other officials. Click Employee Merit System to view the complete document.

The city has three bargaining units: Berkley Public Safety Officers Association, Berkley Public Safety Command Officers Association, and MAPE.  Employment conditions, such as wages, healthcare, and other benefits, are defined in the respective collective bargaining agreement. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Laurie Filder in the Finance Department.  You can either email her at or call her at 248-658-3340.

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