Berkley Public Safety is Supporting Autism Awareness Month

Media Contact: Detective Lieutenant Andrew Hadfield; 248-658-3392

Berkley, Michigan - The Berkley Public Safety is recognizing Autism Awareness Month, by displaying Autism Awareness stickers on the back of its marked patrol units, as well as conducting training with officers when dealing with a person with Autism.

Berkley Public Safety through its Community Relations program has also acquired care packages for individuals they may come into contact with during an incident, traffic crash or other type of Police, Fire or medical Response.

“These packages come from a good place in our hearts to help assist & build a bond between law enforcement, the community and those families dealing with Autism” said Lt. Andrew Hadfield, the Community Relations Coordinator. The packages, include a cinch backpack that contains, crayons, pencils, stickers, fidgets toys, teddy bears, and other sensory objects common in helping those deal with stressful situations.

“Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of care, compassion and understanding that someone with Autism may not fully understand the situation that is ongoing. We hope these bags can help keep the person calm and help build a bridge with them towards any further questioning or assistance we may need to provide”.

Berkley Public Safety will begin carrying these bags within their patrol cars and
deploying them as needed during incidents starting Thursday 4/7/2021. They anticipate keeping them around at all times, throughout the year.

Information regarding Autism can be found at

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