La Salette Update

On Monday, August 12th, the City Council approved the first reading for the conditional rezoning of the former La Salette School from Office District (0-1) to Multiple-Family Residential District (R-M).

The developer is proposing adaptive reuse of the existing school building. The school building would be redeveloped as 55-56 apartment units. Additionally, the developer is proposing the construction of new townhouses at the rear of the property that abuts the single-family residential district on Oxford Road.

Here are the next steps in this process:

• The developer is scheduled to go before the Zoning Board of Appeals on September 9, 2019, to apply for dimensional variances with the Zoning Board of Appeals. At a minimum, two variances would be required for the height of the existing building, and the setback on the side yard facing Oxford Rd. The Zoning Board of Appeals would hold a Public Hearing and then take action on whether or not to grant dimensional variances for the existing school building.

• A second reading for the conditional rezoning is scheduled before the City Council on September 16, 2019. Variance approval from the ZBA is contingent on final approval of the rezoning. If the rezoning fails at this meeting, the variances would not pass.

• If the plan receives approvals from the City Council and ZBA, the developer would then go through the process of site plan approval with the Planning Commission. The development of this project would be subject to all the requirements of the Multiple-Family Residential District.


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