Technology Advisory Committee

The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) will be an advisory committee to administrative staff and City Council whose primary charge is to support the development of Berkley’s Information Technology goals and the development of technology strategy to be included in the City’s Master Plan.

The proposed membership includes a combination of city staff, members of Council, and Berkley residents tasked with encouraging ideas and participation in technology adoption, policies, and evaluate service standards within given resource levels. Generally speaking, the high-level objectives of the TAC will be to:

  • Serve as a forum for the sharing of ideas, trends, and perspectives in IT and their municipal applications.
  • Offer Berkley residents possessing knowledge and experience in relevant areas of IT the opportunity to provide Council and staff with feedback on such issues.
  • Advise Council and staff on current and proposed IT-related projects, services, and methods of leveraging technology to provide service to the public.
  • Provide technical expertise and act as a liaison between the residents and staff.
  • Provide vendor-neutral recommendations regarding IT solutions, where appropriate.


The composition of membership: seven (7) residents appointed-at-large by the City Council; a City Council Liaison and City Manager or designee/Information Technology Coordinator.

Qualifications for Members-at-Large 

Members must be Berkley residents who can demonstrate, through their application materials, they possess a background in, specific knowledge of, and/or an interest in information technology.

It is anticipated that the TAC’s work will, at times, intercede with the work of the Citizens Engagement Advisory Committee in accordance with the communication and transparency goals set by the City Council and the administration. Ultimately, the work of the TAC should improve a resident’s ability to gather accurate information, perform transactions, and track progress on City initiatives for service. Specifically, TAC can provide value:

  • Recommend and/or identify IT-related policies for the City of Berkley.
  • Review and address technology issues that affect a resident’s ability to “do business” with or receive services from the City of Berkley.
  • Recommend proposals for new technology and IT services.
  • Recommend requests for funding to City Administration.
  • Recommend a Strategic IT Plan and review on a yearly basis.
  • Provide oversight of an annual process for establishing metrics and assessing the effectiveness of the IT department. 

In conjunction with the efforts of the TAC, staff shall:

  • Review and address technology issues that affect the internal operation of the City as an organization.
  • Review and recommend software and hardware standards.
  • Assess resources for new proposals IT services based upon the Council’s priorities.
  • Implement an annual action plan that supports a Strategic IT Plan.
  • Incorporate funding recommendations from TAC into the proposed annual budget for City Council’s review.
  • Advise Council and staff on departmental computer upgrades and replacements, use policies such as security and bring your own device to work policy (BYOD), telephone services, cellular telephone towers, and wireless technology including personal communication devices.
There is currently one opening on the Technology Advisory Committee:

Board Member   Term Expires
 Jim Cannon   July 2019
 John Correla   July 2019
 David Robert Jacobs   July 2020
 Mark Owens   July 2020
 Aaron Pace   July 2020
 Michael Swantek   July 2020

Council liaison: Steve Baker

If you have any questions or comments regarding the committee, please contact Stan Lisica at 248-658-3332.




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