Environmental Advisory Committee

The Environmental Advisory Committee recommends actions and programs aimed at protecting the environment and promoting environmental stewardship in the City of Berkley. Committee members are appointed by City Council and serve a three-year term. The Committee meets as needed.

There are no openings on the seven-member board. Please contact the City Clerk's office if you're interested in serving on a board or committee.

 Board Member  Term Expires
 Brandon Alger  July 2021
 Alex Citron  July 2021
 Julie Goldsworthy  July 2021
 Kathryn Nelson  July 2019
 Audrey Pace  July 2020
 Mark A. Richardson (Chairperson)  July 2020
 Karyn Stickel  July 2020
 Matt Baumgarten (non-voting member)  permanent

Council liaison: Dennis Hennen

To view the enabling legislation for the Environmental Advisory Committee, click here. If you have any questions or comments regarding the committee, please contact Derrick Schueller at 248-658-3490.

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