Citizens Engagement Advisory Committee

The Citizens Engagement Advisory Committee was established for the purpose of advising the city on matters that will enhance communications between the city and residents, and overcome challenges in connecting with the harder-to-reach segment of the population.

In accordance with city ordinances, the Citizens Engagement Advisory Committee is responsible for:

  • Review the city's Communications Plan annually and recommend methods and resources to enhance resident engagement.
  • Advise and recommend other cost-efficient means to communicate with all city residents.
  • Identify and recommend methods to communicate with residents who don't have access to digital media.
  • Share accurate information from the City website.
The Citizens Engagement Advisory Committee consists of seven members. There are currentlyno openings on the board.  If you're interested in serving, please click here to fill out an application, or contact the City Clerk's office at 248-658-3310.:

Board Member                                                       Term Expires
 Sue Citraro  July 2019
 Christopher Copacia  July 2020
 Colleen Graveline  July 2020
 Elizabeth Petry  July 2019
 Tammie Polk  July 2021
 Natalie Price (Chairperson)  July 2021
 Tracey Rettig  July 2019

Council liaison: Eileen Steadman

Click here to view CEAC meeting agendas and minutes. If you have any questions or comments regarding the committee, please contact Jay Grossman at 248-658-3333.

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