Bridget Dean Appointed to City Council

After some thoughtful deliberation, the Berkley City Council voted Monday to appoint Bridget Dean to fill a vacant City Council seat, with a term expiring in November 2019.

“I am truly honored and grateful to have been chosen to serve the residents of Berkley and to be a steward of our resources,” Bridget said after the appointment was made. “I’m really excited to get started.”

The City Council chose Bridget over a field of eight well-qualified applicants. An Ad Hoc Committee, consisting of Mayor Pro Tem Steve Baker and council members Eileen Steadman and Ross Gavin, first met to review the applications and evaluate them based on the following criteria: diversity and background; professional experience; and community and municipal involvement.

"These decisions are often the most difficult,” Mayor Dan Terbrack said. “We have to choose one candidate from a pool of highly-qualified, energized, and passionate residents who simply want to serve the city. Bridget Dean is a member of the Downtown Development Authority, the Berkley Area Chamber of Commerce, and a business owner in the city. These qualities made her a uniquely qualified candidate.”

Ms. Dean, a 12-year resident of Berkley, will step down from her role as vice chair of the DDA before taking office at the next council meeting on March 19. One of her goals is to support the three funding proposals that will appear on the November ballot. The proposals will help improve the city infrastructure, build a new Community Center, and renovate City Hall.

Dean said all three issues are vital to the city’s future: “These are issues that not only impact people living in Berkley, but also visitors to our city and potential new residents,” she said. “The effects are far-reaching.”

This is the second time the 37th City Council has filled a vacancy since last November. With that in mind, the council amended its rules and procedures Monday to establish a formal process to fill vacancies.


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