Local Snow Emergency Declared: January 25, 2023

Given the heavy anticipated snowfall, the City of Berkley has declared a snow emergency.

For those able at this time, we ask that you remove your vehicles from the street. Public Safety will begin the enforcement of public parking lots at 5:30 PM to allow those who have left for work time to get home.

As a reminder, parking is not permitted on the streets or in public parking lots until the snow emergency has been lifted.
  • NOTE: Owners must place snow from their driveways and sidewalks onto their front yard or other areas of their own property, and not into the street. This practice reduces the number of icy areas on streets and ensures proper drainage flow into the storm sewer once the snow melts.
Lastly, please keep trash cans out of the street and keep fire hydrants clear of snow for our public safety department.

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