House Fire Alert: At the Intersection of Oxford Rd & Oakshire Ave

UPDATE: This incident has been completed. No one is hurt and the fire is out. Residents in the area may experience discolored water for several hours due to the hydrant use.

We have been informed by our Public Safety that there is a house fire at the intersection of Oxford Rd. and Oakshire Ave.Rd. Public Safety is on the scene and has secured the area.

Residents will need to seek alternative routes as the intersection is shut down at this time.

Additionally, residents at the intersection of Oxford Rd. and Oakshire Ave.Rd. will have service disruptions since the fire hydrants are currently in use. 

Once the fire has cleared, residents in the area and in the surrounding area may experience discolored water during and for several hours after the repair has been completed.

Thank you for your patience as Public Safety works through this.  

House Fire Map_Oxford & Oakshire

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