Marihuana Hearing Officer holds Appeals Hearing for applicant Bud McCool

Hearing Officer also provides final recommendations to City Council, City administration, and prospective Marihuana business license applicants.

Media contacts: Torri Mathes, City of Berkley; 248-658-3333;    

Berkley, MI – January 4, 2022 – The Marihuana Hearing Officer, Gregory K. Need, completed another round of recommendations to City administration, City Council, and prospective Marihuana business applicants after holding another Marihuana Business Licensing appeal hearings for the applicant PMA20-0002 (also known as Bud McCool). 

This recommendation comes after the City Manager, Matt Baumgarten, held a second public meeting in November 2021 to specifically address Hearing Officer Need’s previous direction to the administration which was to re-score Bud McCool’s application. Subsequently, the applicant submitted their permitted appeal to the Hearing Officer once more.

The appeal hearing took place in early December 2021. As with the previous appeal hearings, the applicant was able to speak and rebut their scores and City administrators answered any questions the Hearing Officer had. Need reviewed all written and verbal statements and made an updated recommendation to all parties which can be found here. Need is recommending the Council uphold the scoring of PMA20-000-002 (Bud McCools). They received a score of 281.    

The next step includes the recommendation from the Hearing Officer to be considered at a regular meeting of the City Council (Tentatively scheduled for the beginning of the new year, 2022). 

**In order to ensure that all processes are complete and without complication, the appeal process will take place before any development plans can be submitted for site plan review by the Planning Commission.

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