Berkley City Council to Vote on the City's Draft Master Plan

Berkley City Council will make a determination to adopt the draft Master Plan at the November 15, 2021 meeting.

Media contacts: Torri Mathes, City of Berkley; 248-658-3333;
Erin Schlutow, Berkley Community Development Department; 248-658-3329;

Berkley, MI – November 12, 2021 – At the October 26, 2021 meeting, the Berkley Planning Commission held the required public hearing for the draft Master Plan.

After receiving the final public comments related to the Plan, the Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend the adoption of the draft Master Plan to City Council. 

All of the public input collected was used by the steering committee, City staff, and Carlisle Wortman Associates (CWA), a professional planning consultant firm, to create a draft Master Plan that prioritizes a community striving to enhance its economic vitality, preserve neighborhoods, and foster the City’s values of being caring, innovative, and welcoming. The draft of the Master Plan can be found at

City Council will make a determination to adopt the draft Master Plan at the November 15, 2021 meeting. 

City administration has been actively engaged with the community, working with CWA, to update the City’s Master Plan. Staff and consultants embarked on a two-year-long immersive community engagement campaign to garner diverse public input using a variety of outreach methods, including, surveys, social media polls, webinars, stakeholder discussions, focus group interviews, Planning Commission workshops, community meetings, corridor walking tours and activities, and a virtual open house.

The draft Master Plan was steered by a committee of 15 community residents and the Berkley Planning Commission with assistance from CWA.

To learn more about the City’s Master Plan, visit

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