City of Berkley receives a $13,155 matching fund grant from the 2021 Oakland County Tree Enhancement Match Program (OAKSTEM)

The City of Berkley will be receiving $13,155 matching funds from the 2021 Oakland County Tree Enhancement Match Program (OAKSTEM).

The OAKSTEM funding is being provided to the City of Berkley to plant additional right-of-way street trees in order to increase the tree canopy and to help soak up stormwater and slow the rate of water moving across the ground surface. The additional street trees will both help to improve water quality and to increase green infrastructure.

This grant, along with the grant received from DTE last month will help the DPW to triple the number of trees planted this fiscal year. In prior years, the City of Berkley has planted approximately 100 street trees each Fall and with these grants and increased city funding, the City of Berkley should be able to plant about 300 trees this Fall and early next Spring.

Fortunately, through the outreach of the Beautification Advisory Committee, nearly 400 Berkley residents have already applied to have a street tree planted in the easement in front of their property.

Residents who have not applied, but would like to be added to the list for future street tree plantings should fill out the application found on the City’s DPW Forestry page. 

To download the form CLICK HERE BUTTON

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