Water Gate Valve Repair Notice: Happening Tuesday (6/8/2021)

In order to maintain/upgrade our water system, we are repairing and operating several water valves in the area. 

Public Works (DPW) will be replacing two separate Water Gates at the corners of 12 Mile and Brookline AND on the corner of Brookline and Rosemont.

DPW expects service disruptions to begin around 2 AM on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, during the repair process. Impacted areas include:

  • Brookline from 12 Mile to Beverly
  • Rosemont from Mortenson to Brookline
  • The corner of 12 and Woodward
Please Note: Residents in the area and in the surrounding areas may experience discolored water during the repairs and for several hours after the repairs have been made. There is no boil advisory.

Water Valve Repair

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