City of Berkley Launches Phase 2 for the City-wide Sidewalk Program

Media Contact: Torri Mathes, Community Engagement Officer;; 248-658-3333

Berkley, MI - April 9, 2021 - Berkley is continuing with its multi-year, City-wide Sidewalk Replacement Program. The City will begin Phase 2 which will include the East, Central, and Southwest sections of the City. The program is carrying on with last year’s approach where it will run in five-year cycles rather than replacing sidewalks every 15 years as the City had done in the past.

Additionally, the purpose for restructuring the program with this type of timeline is to establish a self-sustaining program in which all of the sidewalk assessments that are collected will go right back into the program.

In February 2021, the City’s engineering consultant, Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. (HRC), evaluated sidewalks within the East, Central, and Southwest sections for Phase 2 of the sidewalk replacements, and is slated to begin in mid-June 2021. The City will be using the same contractor who completed the 2020 Pilot Sidewalk Program, Luigi Ferdinandi &  Son Cement Co., Inc. of Roseville, Michigan.

With this, homeowners will be paying approximately $300 - $400 per sidewalk slab. According to HRC’s research, a homeowner who contracts with a private contractor to repair their sidewalk could expect to pay up to 2 times more than the cost of the City’s contractor making the repairs.

The City is also continuing with flexible financing options for residents. Invoices for the cost of this year’s sidewalk repairs will be mailed in December 2021. For residents who do not wish to pay the sidewalk assessment in full, the City will allow for two installment payments which will be placed on the Summer 2022 and Summer 2023 tax bills. There will be a nominal $20.00 administrative fee added to each installment with no interest charged on those installments.

In the case of an added hardship, the City will consider a third installment with a
nominal interest charge upon request as determined by City Council.

City-wide Sidewalk Replacement Project Scope
  • Replacement of both private and City-owned sidewalk slabs (whether they are the result of tree root disturbance or not) within the East, Central, and Southwest sections of the City. These sections are bordered by Greenfield, 12 Mile, Woodward, Catalpa, Coolidge, and 11 Mile.
  • This Phase 2 program includes concrete slabs determined to be “immediate” (2 inches or more in vertical displacement), as determined by inspection and evaluation.
  • If there are any major category (between 1/2 inch and 2 inches in vertical displacement) priorities adjacent to the immediate priorities, those slabs will be addressed at the same time.
Residents can view the City’s Sidewalk Replacement 5-Year Cycle Map below on when to expect sidewalk replacements in their area. 

Letters to residents living within the East, Central, and Southwest sections of the City have been mailed out this week.

To learn more about the Sidewalk Program and view the frequently asked questions, visit



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