Berkley Block Ambassadors

Do you have a neighbor who regularly connects with the residents on your block? Perhaps they organize block parties, reach out to new neighbors, or are the “go-to person" on your block for local information? If this sounds like a neighbor you know, please consider nominating him or her to be a Berkley Block Ambassador.

Berkley Block Ambassadors will work with members of the Citizens Engagement Advisory Committee to help enhance communications between the City and residents, and overcome challenges in connecting with the harder-to-reach segment of our city's population. Block Ambassadors will be asked to provide feedback on the best ways for the City to communicate with them and their neighbors. They will also be asked what issues are most pressing on their block and how they believe the City can best address those issues.

To nominate a person on your block, fill out the form below, or send an e-mail to Berkley Communications Coordinator Jay Grossman at  Please let the person know you're nominating them, and provide contact information so we can reach them. In addition, please offer a brief explanation on why the nominated person would make a good Block Ambassador. Also, please provide the general location of your neighborhood (main crossroads).




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