Fall Tree Sale

Our urban forest is an important part of what makes Berkley so special. Many of the city's mature trees are silver maples that are coming to the end of their lifespan and are being removed. This is one reason why planting new trees now is more important than ever. Please check out Berkley's fall planting sale for information on purchasing a tree.

Orders must be placed and paid for by August 17, 2018. at the DPW office only. Trees are limited and can be purchased on a first come, first-serve basis only.

These trees are available at a subsidized cost to residents. Trees purchased at a nursery will be significantly more expensive. They can be planted on the green belt or on private property. There are many options available.  Diversifying the species of trees helps to prevent the decimation of whole neighborhoods when a disease or insect attacks, like emerald ash borer or Dutch elm disease.

If you purchase a tree through our fall program and pay for it at the DPW office, we are offering a free gator bag!  This is a slow release watering system for newly planted trees. They evenly and slowly deliver a high volume of water directly to the root system with no runoff or evaporation. Quantities are limited and these are available on a first come, first serve basis. Just let the staff know when you order your tree.

Contact DPW at 248-658-3490 for more information about Berkley's tree fall sale. Click here to learn more about the city's Tree Board.


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