August Primary Election Information

A primary election will be held in Berkley, on August. 7, 2018, to elect candidates for the following offices:

  • Governor
  • U.S. Senator and Representative in Congress
  • State Senator and Representative in Michigan Legislature.
  • County Commissioner
  • Delegate to the county convention of the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian parties.

Voters will also decide on the following ballot proposals:

  • Berkley Schools sinking fund millage proposal. The request for 3 mills will be used to construct or repair school buildings; implement school security measures; technology acquisition and upgrades; purchase of real estate for sites for school buildings, etc,.  Visit  for details regarding this proposal.
  • Oakland County Transportation Millage Renewal.

Registered voters can cast their ballots at their assigned poll location:

Precinct 1: City Hall, 3338 Coolidge
Precinct 2: Rogers School, 2265 Hamilton
Precinct 3: Berkley High School, 2325 Catalpa
Precinct 4: Community Center, 2400 Robina
Precinct 5: Angell School, 3849 Beverly
Precinct 6: Pattengill School, 3540 Morrison
Precinct 7: Berkley High School, 2325 Catalpa

The deadline to register for the August primary has passed, however; absentee ballots are available through Saturday, August 4thFor more information about this year's elections, voter registration, absentee ballots  and poll locations, contact the City Clerk’s office at 248-658-3310. 


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