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Wiltshire Road Water Main & Pavement Replacement Project

Project Overview

Wiltshire Map
Project Start: June 12, 2023
Project Completion: December 2023

Scope of Project

The scope of improvements includes a full reconstruction of Wiltshire Road from Mortenson Boulevard to Woodward Avenue and a mill overlay of Wilshire Road from Coolidge Highway to Mortenson Boulevard.

Below are detailed summaries of work to each section of Wiltshire Road.

Wiltshire Road, Woodward Avenue to Mortenson Boulevard:

  • Complete removal and replacement of the existing pavement, curbs, concrete driveway approaches, sidewalks, sidewalk ramps
  • Installation of new concrete curb and gutter
  • Asphalt pavement
  • Storm water drainage improvements, including new storm drainage structures and structure cover adjustments
  • Replacing the current 6-inch and 12-inch water mains with a new 8-inch water main. 
  • Installation of new public water services, stop boxes and hydrants

 Wiltshire Road, Mortenson Boulevard to Coolidge Highway:

  • Milling and overlaying the existing asphalt road
  • Rehabilitation of all driveway approaches
  • Minimal curb and sidewalk replacements

Starting June 5, Public Works will begin marking removals for the existing roadway, curbs driveway approaches, sidewalks and trees. Residents will see MISS DIG flags and markings placed by utility companies indicating their underground facilities. Construction signs, barrels and other traffic control devices may also be set up to protect the public from entering the work zone.

Resident Accessibility, Parking and Trash Pickup

Residents will have access to driveways and sidewalks during construction. On-street parking, however, will not be available for the duration of the project. Residents are encouraged to park in their driveways or nearby roads.

Overnight parking passes will be distributed to residents whose driveways are closed for construction activities.

Trash and recyclables should be placed near the street early on Tuesday mornings for pickup. The City’s contractor will assist in moving bins to areas where they can be collected by the hauling service provider.

Residents are encouraged to label all bins with their address to ensure the bins are properly returned to the correct address.

Last Call for Sanitary Lead Repairs

Property owners are encouraged to investigate and repair the sanitary lead from the home to the existing sewer main before the new road surface is installed. Homeowners are responsible for the entire sewer lead from the home to the City sewer main, including the connection. Many sewer repairs impact the roadway, and these costs will be significantly lower for a homeowner before the roadway is paved. Please contact a licensed plumber for more details and note many plumbers can provide a video of the private lead to assess the overall condition.

Work Zone Safety

As Public Works and City contractors work, be sure to use caution in construction areas. Community members should use caution around work crews in the area during construction. Maintain distance from construction areas when possible, follow all posted signage and keep an eye on children and pets when near construction areas to help everyone stay safe.

Even when work is not taking place, construction zones can be dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and community members. To avoid risk of accidental injury, do not walk through construction areas whenever possible. Talk to your children to ensure they know to avoid these areas when playing, bicycling and walking.

Click here to view Flyer #1 (Distributed 1/26/2023)
Click here to view Flyer #2 (Distributed 5/26/2023)

Questions or Inquiries? 

Consulting Engineers

Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.
555 Hulet Drive
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303
Tom Cairo, Field Observer
(248) 535-3437

Springtime Excavating, LLC
32945 Folson Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
Steve Rooker
(313) 491-6688

City of Berkley
3338 Coolidge Hwy.
Berkley, MI 48072
Shawn Young, DPW Director
(248) 658-3300

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