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Wiltshire Road Water Main & Pavement Replacement Project

Project Overview

Wiltshire Map
The Wiltshire Road Water Main and Pavement Replacement Project has been approved by the City Council and the design of the project is currently underway. The project is scheduled for construction to commence in late Spring of 2023. The design phase includes several components such as coordination with third-party utilities, topographic survey, pavement cores/soil borings, preparation of construction plans/specifications, permitting, and public bidding.

Project Start: Spring 2023
Project Completion: TBD

Scope of Project
The scope of proposed improvements includes the removal and replacement of the existing asphalt road surface, new concrete curb and gutter, driveway approaches, sidewalks, ADA ramps, and a new 8-inch public water main. Minimal trees may also be impacted by the project and the City will work with the affected property owners on a replacement plan. In addition, minor stormwater drainage improvements are being evaluated. Significant features of the project include:

Wiltshire Road (Woodward to Mortenson)
  • Replacement of the existing 6-inch water main with a new 8-inch main.
  • Removal and replacement of the existing Hot Mixed Asphalt (HMA) pavement and road base, curb and gutter, and all sidewalks and drive approaches.
Wiltshire Road (Mortenson to Coolidge)
  • Deep milling of the existing pavement surface to allow for more curb reveal, and replacement with a new HMA pavement surface.
  • Replacement of curbs and drive approaches as needed. 
A NOTE FOR RESIDENTS: We encourage all residents to address any private sewer main repairs before construction begins in the spring. As you may know, homeowners are responsible for the entire sewer lead from the home to the City sewer main including the connection. Many sewer repairs impact the roadway, and these costs will be significantly lower for a homeowner before the roadway is paved. Please contact a licensed plumber for more details and note many plumbers can provide a video of the private lead to assess the overall condition.

Click here to view Flyer #1 (Distributed 1/26/2023)

Questions or Inquiries? 

City of Berkley:
3338 Coolidge Highway

Berkley, Michigan 48072
Matthew Baumgarten, City Manager
Shawn Young, DPW Director
Consulting Engineers:
Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. (HRC)
555 Hulet Drive
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48303
Edward Zmich, Project Manager

Town Hall Meetings 

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Public Works, Public Safety, and engineering consultants, HRC, will be hosting public meetings to review and update residents and community members on the questions and concerns they have on the Wiltshire Road Watermain & Pavement Replacement.

***Upcoming Meeting Notice***
Please join us at City Hall (3338 Coolidge Hwy.) for a presentation on Wednesday, February 15th from 4:00 PM –7:00 PM for an overview of the project and to answer any questions or concerns. 

Stay in the Know
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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