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Kenmore and Cornwall Watermain & Pavement Replacement Project

Project Overview
In August 2021, City Council approved professional design services for the Kenmore and Cornwall Road Reconstruction & Watermain Replacement Project from Webster Road to 12 Mile Road, excluding Kenmore Road from Cornwall to Webster Road. The design phase includes several components such as coordination with third-party utilities, topographic survey, pavement cores/soil borings, preparation of construction plans/specifications, permitting, and public bidding.

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Scope of Project
The scope of work includes the complete removal and replacement of the existing pavement, curbs, driveway approaches, sidewalks, and the installation of new concrete curb and gutter and HMA pavement. Stormwater drainage improvements, including new storm drainage structures and structure cover adjustments, concrete driveway approaches, concrete sidewalks, green infrastructure/rain garden, ADA ramps, and restoration are also included. The existing 6” water main will be abandoned in place and a new 8” water main will be installed along with new public water services, stop boxes, and hydrants. Minimal trees may also be impacted by the project and the City will work with the affected property owners on a replacement plan. 

Project Start: Summer 2022
Project Completion:
Fall 2023

Development Process
The design phase took place and final plans and permits were reviewed in February 2022. The contract was awarded in April 2022 to Aielli Construction Company Inc. The estimated total project costs are $3 million. The City’s Capital Improvement Millage Fund will subsidize these improvements.

To the extent possible, residents will have access to driveways and sidewalks during construction. On-street parking on your street will not be allowed for the duration of the project. Residents should park in their driveways or on other nearby roads. Overnight parking passes will be distributed to residents while their driveways are closed for construction activities.

Garbage Pick-up
Trash and recyclables should be placed near the street early on Friday mornings for pickup. The contractor will assist in moving bins to areas where they can be collected by the hauling services; however, residents should label all bins with their addresses to assist the contractor in returning the bins to the correct locations.

Traffic Control Reminders
Please obey posted construction signs and exercise caution around the work crews in the area during construction. Every effort will be made to minimize any inconvenience to all area property owners and patrons. Your patience and cooperation are appreciated during this time.

Restoration for the remaining part of the project will begin spring of 2023. For more information click here.

Questions or Inquiries? 

Consulting Engineers:
Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. (HRC)
555 Hulet Drive
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48303
Tom Cairo, Field Observer 248-535-3437

Aielli Construction Company Inc.
47850 Van Dyke Ave,
Shelby Township, Michigan 48317
Paolo Iacobacci 586-792-1890


Virtual Town Hall Materials

virtual town hall graphic 2
Public Works, Public Safety, and engineering consultants, HRC, hosted a Virtual Town Hall to review and update residents and community members on the questions and concerns they had on the Kenmore and Cornwall Watermain & Pavement Replacement.

  • To view the presentation from February 9, 2022, for Virtual Town Hall #1, click here.
  • To view the presentation from March 29, 2022, for Virtual Town Hall #2, click here.
    • To view the video from March 29, 2022, for Virtual Town Hall #2, click here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Below provides detailed information and answers to the most common questions about the Kenmore Road and Cornwall Street Water Main & Pavement Replacement Project. This project will directly affect residents who live on Kenmore and Cornwall from 12-Mile to Webster Road, and neighbors in the surrounding blocks.

To download the latest FAQ document (Updated 3/25/22), click here.
Please note: The document and questions below may be updated periodically throughout the duration of the project.   

The questions and answers are grouped according to the following categories:

  • Project Description
  • Road, Driveways, & Sidewalks
  • Street Access, Traffic Flow, & Parking
  • Trees and Lawn Restoration
  • Water Main & Water Services
  • Communications
  • Sewer & Sanitary House Leads
  • Construction Sequence of Events


How will residents be informed about the progress of this project?

How many blocks are involved in this road and water main replacement project?

What type of improvements are included in this project?

How much will this project cost?

Who will pay the project cost?

How was Kenmore/Cornwall Road selected for this project?

When will the project begin and when will it end?

How long is the new road expected to last?

Will any of the work be on private property?

Will new lighting be installed along Kenmore/Cornwall Street?

Will Kenmore/Cornwall Road remain open to residents during the construction?

Will I have access to my driveway during the construction?

Will I be notified before my driveway is replaced?

Will on-street parking be allowed on Kenmore/Cornwall between 12-Mile and Webster Road?

How will trash collection be affected during the construction period?

Will emergency vehicles have access to Kenmore/Cornwall while the project is underway?

Will I be able to park on adjacent streets overnight?

Will the existing water service, from the main to the stop box (sidewalk), be replaced at every home affected by this project?

Will the existing water service from the stop box to the home be replaced as part of the project?

What happens if lead pipe is found near the stop box on private property?

Will the water service to my home be shut off during this project? If so, how long will I be inconvenienced?

Will the public sewer along the east side of Kenmore/Cornwall be replaced with this project?

Will every existing sanitary house lead be replaced as part of the project?

How will I know if the sanitary lead needs to be replaced?

If needed, when should I replace my sanitary lead?

What happens if my existing house lead is damaged by the contractor during construction?

Will asphalt or concrete be used for the Kenmore/Cornwall Road surface?

Will the new road be the same width as it is today?

Will the new roadway width affect on-street parking?

What other benefits does a narrower road with present?

What material will be used for the new driveways?

What if I have a walkway from the back of curb to the sidewalk-will this surface be restored?

What material will be used for the new sidewalks?

I have mobility challenges. Will I be able to access my home using a wheelchair, scooter or other mobility device while the driveway is being replaced?

I heard that City owned trees will be removed during this project.

What types of new trees will be planted?

Will my lawn be restored after the project is completed?


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