Lids 4 Kids

Check out photos from the Lids 4 Kids event below!

Lids 4 Kids was founded by the Public Safety Department in 2001 by Officer William R. Alford as a means to educate Berkley's children about bicycle safety and emphasize the importance of wearing a helmet for protection from head injuries.  

Local donors provide certified bicycle helmets and T-shirts for more than 200 young Berkley bicyclists and rollerbladers who participate in the event.  Volunteers support this event by giving instruction in bicycle care in conjunction with bicycle inspections and licensing.

Watch the video below to learn more and scroll down to see some pictures!


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kids, water
kids, water, firetruck
kids, water, firetruck
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dunk tank
dunk tank
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bike helmets, people, table
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bike helmets, decorations
bike helmets, kids, decorations
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rock wall, people, climbing
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