City Directory

General City Mainline: 248-658-3300

City Departments & Staff Ext. Email Address
City Manager's Office  3350
Nate Geinzer Interim City Manager 3350  
Charlaine Stevenson Assistant to the City Manager    
Stan Lisica Chief Innovation Officer
Caitlin Flora Director of Communications  
Michael McGuinness DDA Executive Director 3353
Alex Brown Facilities Manager    

City Clerk's Office

Victoria Mitchell
City Clerk    
Rachel Patterson Deputy City Clerk    
Amy Bessler Election Specialist     

Treasury Department

Bryan Bemis Treasurer    
Gina Harold Deputy Treasurer    
Phyllis Brown Cashier    

Community Development Department

(Building, Planning, Inspections)

Kristen Kapelanski Community Development Director    
Kim Anderson  Zoning Administrator    
Danna Bauer  Building Clerk     
Angela Randazzo Licensing Clerk    
Zach Wright Code Enforcement
Emily Loomis Building Official

Finance Department  

Carl Johnson Finance Director    
Laurie Fielder Deputy Finance Director    
Cynthia Daugherty Accounting Clerk    

Library Department

Matthew Church Library Director    
Lauren Diamond Office Administrator    
Rebecca Stout Youth Librarian    

Parks & Recreation Department

Dan McMinn Interim Director of Parks & Recreation    
Bobby Green Manager of Recreation Programs    
Dan McMinn Manager of Senior Programs    
Amanda Slusarski Events & Communication Specialist    
Josie Modrack Office Administrator    
Joe Nazione Maintenance Leader    

Public Safety Department

(Police and Fire)

Public Safety - Emergency Number 9-1-1  
Matthew Koehn Director / Chief of Public Safety    
Corey Miller Administrative Lieutenant    
Andrew Hadfield Detective Lieutenant    
Dave Arney Detective Sergeant    
Jordan Kobernick Operations Lieutenant    
Jon Roberts Fire Inspector    
Mary Staron Records Clerk 3382  
Kevin Palmer Animal Control 3380  

Public Works Department

Shawn Young Director of Public Works    
Ric Chalmers  Assistant Director of Public Works    
Janis Laity Administrative Project Coordinator    
Diane Brus Administrative Clerk    
Ashley Merz Utility Specialist    

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