City Attorney

Under professional services contracts, the City Attorney, Labor Attorney and General Liability Attorney  provides the services described below:

  • The City Attorney represents the city's elected and appointed officials, and other authorized agents, in legal matters and civil litigations by providing general council and prosecutorial  services for the City of Berkley.  As the general council, the City Attorney assures that City contracts, ordinances and legislative actions comply with local, state and federal legal requirements.   The City Attorney is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of, the City Council but works under the direct supervision of the City Manager.
  • The Labor Attorney represents the city in legal matters related to employment law, the collective bargaining process and policy matters that affect City employees.
  • The General Liability Attorney represents the city in litigation brought against the City of Berkley.  Both the Labor Attorney and the General Liability Attorney serve at the pleasure of the City Manager.

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