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Fire Services

2006 Fire Responses
  • In 2006, the Public Safety Department responded to 169 emergency calls. The vast majority included trash and vehicle fires.
  • The Department conducted 133 fire inspections and/or plan reviews relative to code enforcement and safety planning, and 3 Public Fire Prevention Education classes.
Tours/Open Houses

In addition to an “open house” held during Fire Safety Week, fire facility tours are held regularly for students and other youth related groups. Please contact us to schedule a tour:


The department has two fire trucks: one Spartan-Dailey 60-foot aerial ladder and one American LeFrance pumper. Fire response equipment includes forcible entry tools, such as the “jaws of life,” as well as a “thermal imager” to locate victims trapped inside buildings and unseen fire pockets.

Fire Volunteers

The fire volunteers are a group of persons trained in fire fighting, ready to assist sworn officers in case of a major fire. New members must hold certification in Fire Fighting I and II.

If you are interested in becoming a fire volunteer or would like more information on fire inspections, fire safety or other information, please contact Sergeant Corey Miller at (248) 658-3380.

Fire Volunteer Application

You can also find helpful information online at:

Fire Safety Information for Parents
Fire Safety Information for Kids