MOMS Club of Berkley and Berkley Public Safety Support Judson Center Families with the 2017 Diaper Drive

This time last year, the Berkley Public Safety Department joined forces with the MOMS Club of Berkley for a Diaper Drive to support children and families in need in southeastern Michigan. Eleven thousand diapers were collected for distribution to families served by the Judson Center. This year, they’re doing it again, aiming to top last year’s goal by collecting 15,000 or more diapers from December 1 through December 22.

Collection sites within the City of Berkley include: Berkley Public Safety, the Parks & Recreation Community Center, Berkley Public Library and the Department of Public Works. Donated diapers can be placed in designated collection boxes at each City of Berkley site starting on December 1st. Larger diapers and pull-ups are most needed but all sizes will be appreciated. Even adult diapers are distributed by case workers.

”We are thrilled about the overwhelming support from the Berkley Community. The diapers will be a great support to the families we serve at both the Judson Center and, our affiliate, Child Safe Michigan” said Peggy Kerr, Judson Center’s Community Relations and Volunteer Manager. “Natalie Price and the other members of the MOMS Club of Berkley have been incredible champions for us, making others aware of the day to day needs for our families.”

For more information about the Diaper Drive, contact the MOMS Club of Berkley by email: or Sgt. Justin Frost, Berkley Public Safety Department,

Click here for more information about the Judson Center.


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