Berkley Public Safety Director Retires

Richard M. Eshman, Public Safety Director, announced his retirement after 15 years of service with the City of Berkley.  He began his law enforcement career with the Detroit Police Department (DPD) and began his tenure in Berkley in 2002.

Eshman progressed through the ranks, beginning as a patrol officer with the DPD.  He was an effective sergeant, undercover investigator, organized crime task force member, administrative Lieutenant and Staff Aide to the Deputy Chief of Patrol.  In his role as Commander, he was responsible for overseeing precinct operations, including all staff, patrol and investigative functions.  

Under Eshman’s leadership, Berkley has been named one of Michigan’s Top 10 Safest Cities, one of Michigan’s Best Places to Raise a Family, Top 50 Suburbs in the United States, and one of 15 Best Cities for Newlyweds.  He served as Berkley’s interim city manager for eight months, while the city searched for a new city manager. In this role, he had administrative oversight over all city operations and staff, kept the budget balanced, ensured city projects stayed on track and simultaneously managed the day to day operations in the Public Safety Department. 

“It has been my pleasure serving the residents and administration of Berkley. I worked with a competent and resourceful team of men and women in the Public Safety Department and I celebrate their future successes. I know they will have many,” said Eshman. 

Chief Eshman will celebrate the conclusion of his 48 year career on May 15, 2017.  Special recognitions of his career achievements will be presented at the May 15th City Council Meeting.


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