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Information Technology

Information Technology is a division of the City Manager's office.  Its primary mission is to maintain and develop the city's computer system in order to support ongoing operations of the city and to improve service delivery.

Responsibilities of the IT Coordinator:
  • Maintaining the city's web site.  Designing and updating other city-related sites as needed.
  • Maintaining city computers (includes servers, desktop computers, laptops and printers; scheduling outside technical support as needed.);
  • Providing support services to end users, including training on various computer programs;
  • Preparing and maintaining policy manuals for the city regarding appropriate use of city computers, email, and Internet and communicate these policies to end users;
  • Evaluating and recommending new computer programs;
  • Advising the city manager of issues affecting information technology activity.
  • Maintaining the city's eConnect programs

Your IT Coordinator

Stan Lisica
IT Coordinator

Stan Lisica was appointed the City's Information Technology Coordinator in February, 2014.  Stan earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from Wayne State University and his Master of Science in Business Information Technology from Walsh College.