Inside Berkley

Inside Berkley reaches out to the public to provide information about upcoming events and issues in the City of Berkley. If there is a topic you'd like to see us explore, just drop us a line at

City Clerk Victoria Mitchell

Berkley Schools Superintendent Dennis McDavid

Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Director Jennifer Finney 

Finance/Treasury Director Mark Polluck 

Public Safety Chief Matthew Koehn

Community Development Director Erin Schlutow


City Manager Matt Baumgarten

Library Director Matt Church

Public Works Director Derrick Schueller

Parks & Recreation Director Theresa McArleton

Berkley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Darlene Rothman

City Clerk Victoria Mitchell

City Manager Matt Baumgarten, Community Development Director Erin Schlutow, Public Policy Assistant Dan Hill, & City Attorney John Staran


Public Safety Chief Matthew Koehn &
 Public Works Director Derrick Schueller


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