Halloween Safety Tips


2020 Halloween Safety Tips
The way we celebrate Halloween in Michigan will be different this year due to COVID-19.

Check out some of these recommendations on Halloween trick-or-treating below from the CDC and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Click here to download this handy flyer.

Trick-or-Treat COVID-19 Safety Tips
  • Trick-or-treating hours start around 6 PM
  • Talk with children about safety and social distancing guidelines and expectations.
  • Keep a 6ft distance from others not in your group
  • Participate in one-way trick-or-treating and guide children to stay to the right to ensure social distancing
  • Trick or treat with people you live with
  • Avoid congregating in groups around houses
  • Wear a face mask covering both mouth and nose (A costume/Halloween mask is not a substitute)
  • Only go to houses with safety measures in place.
  • Be sure to drive slow and be especially alert in residential neighborhoods.
  • Always walk on the sidewalk or pathways when possible
  • Never dart out into the street or cross between parked cars
  • Make sure to carry a flashlight with you to help see and be seen
  • Always check the candy before eating
Halloween COVID-19 Safety Tips for Homeowners
  • Trick-or-treating hours start around 6 PM
  • Do not hand out candy if you are sick
  • Wear a face mask covering BOTH your mouth and nose
  • Use duct tape to mark six-foot lines in front of home and leading to driveway/front door
  • Position a distribution table between yourself and trick-or-treaters
  • Distribute candy on a disinfected table to eliminate direct contact
  • Wash your hands often
  • Consider handing out candy in an open space where distancing is possible, rather than from the front door
  • Consider a neighborhood costume parade; it is an easy way to keep safe space between children
  • If you do not wish to participate in Halloween festivities, turn your lights off and close the curtains
Information provided by the CDC and MDHHS

Learn more at www.halloween2020.org.


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