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Yard Waste/Leaf Pickup

2016 Yard Waste Collection Calendar & Guidelines (PDF)

First Full Week of April through Second Week of May
  • Free Spring Clean Up period (no tags required)
  • Please have your yard waste out by 7:00 am on your scheduled trash collection day
  • Residents must put their yard waste in ONLY specifically designated paper yard waste bags or 35 gallon cans marked “COMPOST” or "YARD WASTE"
  • If you are using cans, please make sure the “COMPOST” or "YARD WASTE" label is facing the street and is set aside from other trash containers
  • Bags/cans cannot weigh more than 50 lbs
  • Plastic bags with yard waste will NOT be collected
  • Note the truck picking up yard waste is not the same truck used for trash collection
  • No raking of yard waste or leaves to the curb/street during this time
Third Full Week of May through End of September
  • Residents will need a $2.00 tag on EACH bag or can of yard waste set out for pick-up
  • Tags may be purchased at the DPW, Library or City Hall
  • No raking of yard waste or leaves to the curb/street during this time
  • Same guidelines apply as stated above
First Week of October through End of November
  • 11 Mile and Greenfield residents see note below *
  • $2.00 tags are not required during this period - “COMPOST” or "YARD WASTE" cans/bags will be picked up on your scheduled trash collection day (same guidelines as above)
  • Residents may place or rake their yard waste and leaves into the street at the curb-Berkley crews run on a rotation basis with timing dictated by volumes for curbside pick up
  • Yard waste in the street cannot be picked up if cars are parked near the pile

*11 Mile & Greenfield Residents: During this period you may continue to set out yard bags or cans at no charge.  You may also rake your leaves and yard waste to a pile in the easement (NOT the street) and will be picked up ONLY on the following dates (tentative):

  • Tuesday, November 15, 2016
  • Thursday, December 1, 2016
December through March
  • No raking of yard waste or leaves to the curb/street during this time
  • "COMPOST” / "YARD WASTE" cans/bags will not be collected during this time
  • Residents may drop off their paper yard waste bags, free of charge, to SOCCRA at 995 Coolidge Hwy. in Troy (across from the Meijer gas station)
Yard Waste/Compost is:
Grass clippings Leaves
Small sticks Shrub clippings
Maple seeds Vines