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Water Billing

Pay by Mail

Water bills are due on the 18th of the month. Postmarks are not honored. Payment must be received at City Hall by 5:00 p.m. on the 18th or the next regular business day if the 18th is on a weekend or a holiday. Failure to receive a bill does not waive past due penalty. A drop-box is located outside City Hall for payments.

Pay Your Water Bill Automatically

Save time and money by having your water/sewer bill payments automatically debited from your checking or savings account without having to write checks.  More information ...

Pay Your Water Bill On-Line

For information on paying your water bill on-line, click here.

Attention Snow Birds!

Do you leave the city in the Winter for warmer climates? 

  • Sign up for automatic payment for your water bill, or
  • Call or email the Department of Public Works to temporarily change the mailing address for your bill.  Be sure to notify us when you return to Berkley so we can update your address.
  • The water can be shut off at the curb to limit concerns with pipes freezing within the building footprint.

If you set up a forwarding address for your mail at the post office, be aware that because water bills are mailed to “Occupant” the post office will not forward these bills.

Final Water Bills

Final water bills are calculated using the inside meter reading. The occupant of the home must take the inside meter reading to the Public Works Department. For complete instructions on how to obtain a final water bill call the Public Works Department.

Water / Sewer Rates:  2016/2017
Berkley’s Water/Sewer Rates Below Average

Below are the charges listed on the quarterly water/sewer service invoice for Berkley and a brief explanation of those charges. Many communities in southeast Oakland County base the total water/sewer service invoice on water consumption only. A professional analysis performed by a court order showed that a breakdown of costs similar to our rate structure was much more equitable for all residents. An annual survey of southeast Oakland County communities on water/sewer rates shows Berkley has continued to be well below the average on the comparison chart for rates.

Following is a description of the items included on your quarterly water/sewer bill:

Water:  $4.06 per 100 cubic feet
This rate represents the consumption of water used based on meter readings. It also pays for the sanitary sewer flow.

Ready to Serve: $53.31 – 3/4 meter
This flat rate is based on the meter size. This charge represents the fixed costs of maintaining the water – sewer system.

Storm Water: $63.42 per ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit)
This charge represents the storm water that is treated by the Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner. The formula is a standard engineering calculation designed to determine storm water runoff based on impervious areas. The charge includes the upgrading of the Twelve Towns drainage project, now called the George Kuhn Drainage System.

Refuse: $8.75
This residential fee covers the cost of maintaining the Sanitation fund, which includes curbside recycling, brush pickup, leaf pickup and regular garbage pickup at the current level of service.

Billing Charge: $3.11
This charge was recommended by our rate study consultant to itemize the cost of the total preparation of the water/sewer service invoice.