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Trash Collection

Pick-Up Schedule: Not sure when your trash pickup day is?  Check the schedule below or check out the map available here.

  • Tuesday - 11 Mile to 12 Mile, between Coolidge & Woodward
  • Friday - 11 Mile to Webster, between Greenfield & Coolidge

 Holiday Pickup When a holiday falls on a weekday, collection for the remaining days of the week will be delayed one day. Trash collection is not affected if the holiday falls on a weekend. Affected holidays include: 

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Independence Day

Garbage Bag Sales: Garbage bags are sold at the Department of Public Works at 3238 Bacon Street.  Boxes are $15.00. Please note the price is subject to change. There is a 5-box limit. Cash or check only.

Printable flyer with the City of Berkley Garbage Rules & Regulations (Updated May 2016)

General Information: The City provides for solid waste pick-up only. Liquid waste in any form cannot be placed at the curb for pick-up. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

  • All garbage must be placed in 20-35 gallon containers with handles or in plastic garbage bags, and shall not weigh more than fifty (50) pounds. 90 gal curb carts are acceptable as these are emptied by the truck, not manually. Cardboard boxes are not acceptable garbage containers, and will not be picked up.
  • Cardboard should be flattened into 2x2 pieces, cut and tied, and put out for recycling or stuffed tightly into a box no larger then your recycle bin. Garbage stored more than 24 hours outside must be in a container with a tight fitting lid!  DPW sells 90 gallon garbage toters.
  • All garbage must be placed at the curb by 7:00 AM the day of pick up.

Map of trash collection route available here.

Tree & Shrub Trimmings: This service is for residents trimming their own trees & shrubs– not cut downs or work done by contractors. Limit trimmings to your easement area only (4 ft. high x 4 ft. wide x 10ft long)

  • Branches under three (3) feet long and one-half (1/2) inch thick may be placed in a paper yard waste bag or a trash can with a compost sticker on it (check with our office or website for dates of free compost pickup). These will be picked up on the regular trash day.
  • Branches over three (3) feet long and (1/2) inch thick may be placed loose at the curb with the cut ends facing one direction. Branches must be under 4 inches thick, root balls must be cut off shrubs.
  • Please have the branches out Monday evening for a Tuesday pickup.

Appliances & Furniture: Items such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, hot water tanks, sofas, mattresses, grills, bikes and other household furniture are picked up on the regular trash day. DOORS MUST BE REMOVED FROM REFRIGERATORS AND FREEZERS.

Televisions, radios, cell phones, VCR’s, CD players, home computers and other small electrical items are now recyclable and can be taken to SOCRRA. If you see someone other than Tringali removing these items please call Public Safety at 248-658-3380.

Carpeting: Carpeting and padding must be cut to three (3) feet in width, rolled, and tied or taped in bundles weighing less than fifty (50) pounds.

Wood, Gutters & Pipes: These items must be cut to three (3) feet in length and tied in bundles weighing less than fifty (50) pounds or untreated wood may be placed in paper yard waste bags. All nails must be removed.

Leaves and Grass: Leaves and grass may be raked to the curb in neat rows from October 1 through November 30 only or be put out in paper yard waste bags or cans identified as compost for free pickup.  It is unlawful to rake grass and leaves into the street at any other time of the year!  May through September 30 compost stickers are needed and may be purchased at the DPW office, City Hall or the Berkley Library. Compost is grass, leaves, shrubbery cuttings, vines, rose bushes, roots, stumps and sticks. They must be picked up as compost in a can or a paper yard waste bag not weighing more that 50 pounds with a Compost sticker. Check the web site for dates of the free weeks spring yard waste collection or call our office for information at (248) 658-3490. December 20 to March 31 paper yard waste bags may be taken to SOCRRA for no charge.

Animal Waste: Animal waste must be bagged in plastic bags not put loose in garbage cans, and must weigh less than 40 lbs. (bags may be placed in a garbage can).

The City of Berkley does not pick up the following items:

Automobile Parts: Automobile parts, frames, bodies, should be taken to a scrap metal yard. Automobile batteries should be left at the place of purchase or can be disposed of at many car care facilities.

Concrete & Bricks: The contractor should remove these items. They may also be taken to the Concrete Crusher (586) 939-6200.

Dirt, Sand, Construction Refuse & Roofing: These items are the responsibility of the contractor. They may be taken to SOCRRA for a fee (248) 288-5150. If work is done by resident small amounts of construction material may be placed out for pickup but must not weigh more than 50 lbs. and must be in cans or garbage bags or you may take it to SOCRRA for disposal at a cost.

Tires: These must be taken to a tire business or car care facility to be disposed of for a small fee.

Oil Based Paint, Flammable Liquids & Household Hazardous Waste: These items must be taken to SOCRRA (995 Coolidge, Royal Oak). Empty latex paint cans may be disposed of in the recycle bin or the regular trash, if lids are removed. If paint is hard it may be placed next to the trash with the lid removed. To help dry latex paints, use sand, kitty litter, shredded paper or a product called Dry up.

Medical Waste: Waste should be taken to a hospital or doctor’s office for disposal. Syringes may be placed in a metal coffee can or heavy plastic can and taken to S.O.C.R.R.A. Household Hazardous Waste.