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The Department of Public Works takes pride its street maintenance performance every season.  In the winter, as warranted, decisions are made to determine the time and appropriate methods needed to handle a given snowfall.  Each occurrence, whether its snow or an ice storm, is different.  Variables, such as temperature, surface and air temperature, snowfall rate, actual/predicted accumulation and time of day are considered before the city implements the plowing/salting plan for a particular storm event.

Snow removal and plowing in the City of Berkley occurs in two waves to ensure the safety of motorists and DPW crews.

1st Wave: Main streets used by emergency vehicles and the heaviest traffic, especially during rush hours.

  • Twelve-Mile
  • Coolidge
  • Eleven-Mile
  • Catalpa
  • Webster

2nd Wave: Streets where schools are located and the following:  

  • All fire routes and remaining major roads are next.
  • Residential streets after approximately three to four inches of snow. 
  • Residential streets, intersections, slopes and curves may be salted when icy conditions exist. Costs and environmental issues prohibit routine salting of all residential streets.

Do Your Part to Keep Streets Clear

Please do your part by remembering to remove your car from the road so crews can do a better job.  It is illegal to plow, shovel or otherwise deposit snow from residential or commercial property into the street.

Street Sweeping


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