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Brush Collection

Residential Brush Collection Guidelines

Working with a forestry contractor, the DPW coordinates brush pick-up service for Berkley residents at no additional cost.  The following guidelines apply:

  • Place tree limbs that are  1” to 4” in diameter, between 4-10 feet long, at the curb in a neat pile with the cut ends facing one direction.
  • Branches under 4' long and less than 1" thick may be placed in paper yard waste bags or trash can labeled with a "Compost" sticker.  Check city website for compost pickup dates and requirements.
  • Stumps, roots, and logs will not be taken.
  • Christmas trees can be placed at the curb for collection by DPW staff. Please remove all decorations, metal, plastic and string.

This service is for residents trimming their own trees.  Contractors are responsible for removing all debris related to commercial tree removal or trimming services.


April through September:  brush collected for chipping on Mondays.  Please place branches near the curb on Sunday evening.

October through March:  DPW crews will be chipping as needed, based on volumes around the City.


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