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Brush Collection

Residential Brush Collection Guidelines

  • April through September: J.H. Hart Tree Service will run the Chipper service in the third week of each month. Please notify the DPW at (248) 658-3490 when you have branches ready for chipping.
  • October through March: Because this is the off-season, there is no set schedule.

Tree Trimmings  Please follow the guidelines below for Chipper 

  • The chipper service is only for residents who trim their own trees.
  • Complete tree removal or debris left by contractors will NOT be collected.
  • Branches over four (4') feet long and at least two (2") inches thick (not to exceed 4" thick) must be placed at the curb with the cut ends facing one direction. Do not bundle the branches.

NOTE: The chipper will not grind roots of any kind. Logs, roots (free of dirt), stumps and untreated wood should be placed in paper yard waste bags (50-pound limit) and set out for compost/yard waste pickup.

Please note the chipper service is only for larger branches over four (4') feet long and at least two (2") inches thick. It is not safe for our workers to put anything smaller in the chipper, so small brush must be placed must be placed in a paper yard waste bag or a trash container with a "COMPOST" or "YARD WASTE" label on it. Yard waste containers and bags will be picked up on your regular trash day from April to Mid-December.


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