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Berkley City-wide Sidewalk Replacement Program

The City of Berkley has begun the process for its City-wide Sidewalk Replacement Program beginning in Fall 2020. This program will be taking a new approach where it will run in five-year cycles rather than carrying out replacements every 15 years as it had been done in the past. All future Sidewalk Replacement Program locations, timelines, and budgets will be determined following the completion of the pilot program.

The design of the pilot program - the 2020 Sidewalk Replacement Program - was begun with City Council’s approval of the engineering proposal submitted by Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. (HRC) on December 2, 2019, and since has been completed and actual sidewalk replacements will begin in mid-October 2020. A qualified contractor was selected after receiving five competitive bids on April 7, 2020. Luigi Ferdinandi & Son Cement Co., Inc. of Roseville, Michigan has been hired to complete the sidewalk repairs.

The Scope of the 2020 Pilot Program is as follows:

  • The replacement of sidewalk slabs (whether they are the result of tree root disturbance or not) within the southwest section of the City bordered by Greenfield and Coolidge to the west and east, respectively, and 11 Mile Road and Catalpa to the south and north, respectively (See map below).
  • This initial program includes those concrete slabs determined to be “immediate” (2 inches or more in vertical displacement), as determined by inspection and evaluation of this section, including City-owned facilities.
  • If there are any major category (between ½ inch and 2 inches in vertical displacement) priorities adjacent to the immediate priorities, those slabs will be addressed at the same time.

Sidewalk Replacement Program Frequently Asked Questions
The following series of questions and answers are intended to provide additional detailed information on the Sidewalk Program. While it is hoped that these address the most common questions asked, all residents are encouraged to contact the City’s Community Development Director or HRC for additional information.

Community Development Department can be contacted by calling 248-658-3320.

What is the scope of the initial Program?

What does the initial Program constitute and consist of?

Why has my sidewalk been chosen for replacement?

What is the City's budget for the 2020 Sidewalk Replacement Program?

How will I be billed/When is payment due?

Does the city offer financing options for payment of sidewalk bills?

What is the estimated schedule of the proposed Program?

What is the procedure for replacement of sidewalk?

How will the procedure for replacement of sidewalk be implemented for this project?

Who is responsible for replacement of sidewalk impacted by trees?

Who will be responsible for any damage to sewer manhole and water curb boxes?

May I have private work done by the City contractor?

Will the contractor restore my lawn after the work is completed?

Will the driveway approach be replaced?

When will I gain access back to my driveway?

Where can I park if I can't get into my driveway?

Will pavers or other structures in the park way be reset when work is completed?

What do I do to avoid damage to my sprinkler?

What will happen if the new sidewalks become damaged?

Is there any warranty for the work?


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