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City Codes

Berkley's Code of Ordinances and City Charter are accessible online on the Municipal Code web site. There is no charge for using this service. Looking for Building codes? Stop by the building department.

Click here to access the City Code Book updated through O-1-15.

The following Ordinances were adopted after the last update and are not included in the above:

Ordinance #
Charitable Solicitations
Scavenging of Garbage
Chapter 78 Nuisances
3-21-16 O-02-16 Rezoning Lot 68
5-2-16 O-03-16 DDA Development Plan & Tax Increment Financing Plan
6-6-16 O-04-16 Rezoning Lot 335
8-15-16 O-05-16 Chapter 14 Alcoholic Liquors & Chapter 30 Businesses
9-19-16 O-06-16 Chapter 126 Cross Connections
4-17-17 O-03-17 Rezone Property Described as Lot 48 of Meadow Farms Subdivision
6-6-17 O-02-17 Chapter 22 Keeping of Chickens
6-19-17 O-04-17 Chapter 82 Model Glue or Chemical Agent
6-19-17 O-05-17 Chapter 82 Controlled Substances
6-19-17 O-06-17 Chapter 82 Curfew
6-19-17 O-07-17 Chapter 82 Assault, Assault & Battery; Domestic Violence
6-19-17 O-08-17 Chapter 82 Prowling
6-19-17 O-09-17 Chapter 122 Traffic and Vehicles
6-19-17 O-10-17 Chapter 82  Offenses and Miscellaneous Provisions
7-17-17 O-11-17 Chapter 122 Traffic and Vehicles

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