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Signs are not only a form of advertising for businesses but are also a form of speech and, as such, the content is protected under the first amendment.  Berkley’s City Code regulates the type, size, and number of signs any property can have.  You will find a summary below.  For additional information please reference the city’s sign ordinance or garage sale ordinance.  

No Permit Needed

  • Window Signs (No more than 50% of the window can be covered
  • Any sign 6 sq. feet or less in size (2 feet x 3 feet)

One-Time Permit Required (for business districts)

  • Wall Sign
  • Projecting Sign
  • Freestanding Signs
  • Awning Signs
  • Each Business is allowed one sign per facing street (corner properties get 2 signs)
  • An application and two sets of plans must be submitted for review. The plans must clearly indicate what the sign will look like and how it will be installed. An application and plans must be reviewed and approved by the City Planner and Building Official prior to the issuance of a permit. Most applications are approved within a week. The bond is returned once the sign is installed and inspected. 

Annual Permit Required (for business districts)

  • Portable Signs (Sandwich Board Signs) on sidewalk or private property

Signs Permitted Twice Yearly

  • Banners
  • Pennants
  • Balloons
  • Animated Signs

Permit required: limited to 2 permits per year, 4 weeks total

Not Permitted

Signs in the public right of way; such as open houses, garage sales or political campaign signs. These signs will be removed from the right of way.

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