Coolidge Road Complete Streets

The Coolidge Highway Complete Streets Initiative involves a 24-month evaluation period to determine if restriping Coolidge between 11 Mile and 12 Mile will improve traffic flow and make the road safer and friendlier for pedestrians and bicyclists. Restriping the road will reduce a travel lane in each direction while adding a continuous center turn lane along the one-mile stretch. Additional parking spaces and various streetscape improvements are included in the plan.

The Berkley City Council approved a 24-month study in January 2019 that incorporates a 12-month review of the eight safety metrics that are part of the Coolidge Road Right Sizing and Safety Corridor Metrics Matrix. The Berkley Downtown Development Authority is financing the project and expects to have the road restriped by May 1, 2019. More details about the project can be found on the DDA website at

Click here to download the comprehensive metrics matrix that will be used for measuring the success of the project.

Click here to download the map and current traffic volumes of the side streets that will be monitored for traffic diversion.

Send your comments about the plan to coolidgeroad@berkleymich.netDownload the Communications Strategy showing tactics that have been implemented. Click here to read the comments that have been received as of April 22nd.

The Coolidge Road Striping Project starting date is still to be determined. Here is what to expect when the project begins ...

P.K. Contracting is the company that has been hired to complete the restriping project. They expect the project will take three to four days. Here is a detailed explanation of what to expect on those days:

Day 1: P.K. Contracting’s equipment will be on site to remove current lane striping. There will be a bit of noise, but minimal dust and minimal traffic disruption. The equipment will move at about 3 mph. By the end of the day, one old striping will be removed and new longitudinal striping (traffic lanes and parking lanes) will be in place.

Days 2 – 3 or 4: These days will be dedicated to the detail work of the project: bike lane striping, special pavement markings, and green paint application. The equipment will stop for approximately 30 minutes at a time as it moves along to complete this portion of the project. P.K. Contracting will complete work on one lane at a time so traffic movement is, once again, minimally impacted.

Email your comments or questions about the project to

An important element of the Coolidge Highway Complete Streets plan are the bike lanes that will run in both directions from 11 Mile to 12 Mile. Ultimately, these lanes will become a part of a multi-community bike system that includes Huntington Woods and Oak Park. As a reminder, bicyclists under the age of 12 can ride on sidewalks. Attached below is an informative video on bike safety, along with a map showing how the three communities plan to develop an integrated bike system:

Bike System


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