La Salette School Property Development

On July 16th, the City Council voted unanimously to deny the PUD proposal for the La Salette school property.

On May 25, new site plans for a proposed Planned Unit Development on the former La Sallete School property were submitted to the city for review. City staff is currently studying the plans and expects to place the plans on the June 26th Planning Commission agenda. Click the link below to view the latest plans:

The proposed redevelopment of the La Salette School property

The revisions were based on the suggestions and comments provided by Planning Commission members and residents at previous public meetings. The June 26th meeting will be held at 7:30 pm at Berkley City Hall, 3338 Coolidge Highway. Comments regarding the latest site plans for La Salette can be submitted to Community Development Director Tim McLean at

Click the links below to view previous versions of the proposal and a traffic study of the area:


Following the plan review, Planning Commission members will consider the revised plan and based on specific legal criteria, the members will either:

a) recommend approval, with conditions if necessary,
b) postpone the case and recommend additional plan changes or
c) recommend denial for specific reasons. 

If the plan is approved, the commission will submit its recommendation to the City Council for consideration and approval.



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