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Property Maintenance

The City’s code enforcement officer is charged with ensuring that properties are maintained in compliance with the laws adopted by the City Council. If you have a question about a particular property or the status of a complaint:

All calls are anonymous and all complaints will be investigated.

Property Code Enforcement Quick Facts:

Grass and Weeds.
Berkley City Code prohibits residents and businesses from maintaining grass, weeds, or other ground cover to a height greater than 8 inches.  More information here.

Bushes and Shrubs
Berkley City Code requires that bushes and shrubs be trimmed to a maximum height of 3 feet so they do not cause a sight obstruction at corners or along driveways. Also, bushes and shrubs must be trimmed so that they do not encroach on the City sidewalk.

Shoveling of Snow
Businesses and apartment buildings are required to clear the sidewalks when snow accumulation exceeds 2 inches. The snow must be removed within 12 hours after the end of the snowstorm. Snow cannot be piled in the street.  More information here.

Compost Piles
Compost piles can only be located behind the house and must be at least 15 feet from any house and one foot from the rear lot line. Compost piles cannot exceed 4 feet by 8 feet or 8 feet in diameter. Compost piles must be maintained to prevent the attraction of rodents, pests, and unpleasant odors.

Vermin Control
Local law prohibits any condition that will provide harborage for rats, mice or other vermin. For example, trash must be placed in plastic bags. To prevent burrowing, rat walls are required for all construction that is over 36 square feet in size. Firewood, yard waste, or construction materials must be stored at least 18 inches above the ground. Broken windows must be repaired. Pet food should not be left outside. Yards should be free of trash and pet droppings. Lawns must be maintained to a height less than 8 inches.

Junk and Debris
Building materials may not be stored outside unless a building permit has been issued. Junk or trash cannot be stored or accumulated on property.

Junk Cars
Vehicles must be licensed, registered, and operative. Vehicles must be parked or stored on concrete or asphalt.