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Zoning Ordinance Changes for Modern Living

New Ordinance In Effect

The City of Berkley is pleased to announce a number of changes to its zoning ordinance.  The City Council adopted these changes on January 7, 2008 and will go into effect on February 7, 2008. 

These changes will allow for single family residential development that is in keeping with Berkley’s neighborhoods but also provides for 21st century housing standards. 

A Summary of Major Changes:
  • Houses can now be 5 feet taller. In most areas of the City houses had been limited to 25 feet and 2 stories.  Now houses can be 30 feet with no limit in the number of stories. 
  • In the R-1A, R-1B, and R-1C Districts, houses had been limited to 35 feet from the rear lot line.  Now houses can be built 20 feet from the rear lot line.  This will accommodate more living space as well as attached garages.
  • There is no limit in the width of a house. Previously homes had been limited to no less than 23 feet in width.  Provided a new home can meet modern floor area requirements, a narrow house can now be built in the City.  This change will increase the number of buildable 40 foot lots in the City.
  • Corner lots are allowed greater lot coverage.  All lots in the City of Berkley are limited to a 35% lot coverage for houses, garages, sheds, and swimming pools.  The configuration of corner lots makes this difficult.  Corner lots will now be allowed to be covered up to 45%.
  • Front loading attached garages will be limited to no more than one-third of the entire house frontage.  This will ensure that houses remain pedestrian friendly and continue the neighborhoods for which Berkley is known. 
  • Garages and sheds can now be located within 18 inches of the side lot line.  Previously new garages and sheds had to be 3 feet from the side lot line.  Now as long as the wall has proper fire separation, residents have the option of locating the structures closer to the fence. 
  • For larger lots, garages can now be 2 stories.  Properties must be more than 100 feet in width and provide an additional 2 parking spaces. 
  • Houses on corner lots can now attach the garage to the house via a breezeway or addition.  The size of the garage door or doors is limited to 18 feet.  The garage must be at least 5 feet from the rear lot line. 
Items Not Changed:
  • minimum lot width and lot size
  • front and side yard setback requirements
  • distance new houses and additions need to be from the neighboring house

Questions?  Please call 248-658-3320.