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Grass Cutting Requirements

Berkley has several ordinances that regulate vegetation: 

  • Grass or weeds cannot be more than 8 inches in height
  • Flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and shrubs are exempt from this requirement

Once a lawn reaches 8 inches in height, a notice is sent giving the property owner 5 days to cut the lawn (Berkley City Code, Sections 130-76-79).  If the lawn is not cut after 5 days: 

  • the City will cut the lawn and bill the property owner
  • the City contracts with a company to provide this service
  • the contractor has 2 days to cut the lawn, once the City notifies him to do so

We realize that during late spring this gives tall grass an ample opportunity to grow even longer, but the law requires that we give one warning for the season and make the first notice very reasonable. 

For on-going problems (repeat offenders, vacant properties) we are not required to give multiple warnings.  Once Code Enforcement notes that the lawn is again 8 inches tall, we can simply advise our contractor to cut the lawn and then bill the property owner. 

If you think that a property is not being maintained, please call our Code Enforcement Division at the Building Department. Before calling be sure to have the address of the property in question.  All calls are anonymous.